After rushing around a hot kitchen today cooking and serving a Mother’s Day brunch I needed a little relaxation time so I went for a ride with my camera. I went to Forest Lawn Cemetery, and I know this may sound odd but it is really beautiful…and it is also an unofficial bird sanctuary. The image above, and the last one below, are of Mirror Lake. Those of the geese are pretty self explanatory. I also thought it was interesting in that while I saw a lot of geese walking around with their little goslin, there were also a fair amount of birds of prey hovering overhead (not sure what they were but they were large and looked menacing). The only grave I photographed is the one pictured below…and I chose this one because it made me think of a Hobbit grave. Anyhow, it was a pleasant ride and just what I needed. To see previous images from this cemetery click here or here.

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