Sister Autumn

Sister Autumn 
Sometimes you arrive so gradually
That I barley notice
There’s a slight shift
Balmy days
Give way to cool nights
Warm breezes
To chilly winds
Early nights announce you
But I don’t listen
You deceive me
Flowers still bloom
There are leaves on trees
But here you are
As if the door was left ajar
And you slipped in
And sat down
With just a whisper
But now that I look
I see you
And I smile
Warm days and chilly nights
You are my favorite
But you know this
Your embrace
With freshness in the air
Is all-encompassing
And it comforts me
I hug you with all my senses
And I don’t want to release you
Because it’s your brother
Whom I’ve begun to dread
And he’s just behind you
For him
There is preparation
But for now
I solely embrace you
Sister Autumn
With your incredible beauty in decay
Signaling another cycle
Another year’s end
A reminder
But for now
Your embrace is enough
It fills me
And I overflow

Urban Simplicity

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