Glimpses of Wakefulness

Like so many others

I often go through life

in a slumber

Taking so much

for granted

Living in the past

or the future

Which of course

do not really exist

There is only now

Such was the case today

Alone in the kitchen

busy at work

Alone in my thoughts

Asleep but not sleeping

But as the kitchen door closed

behind me

and as I gave the first push

of the pedals on my bike

the cold air snapped me awake

into the present

It’s briskness engulfed me

It felt good


And as I pedaled

and coasted

through the quiet city streets

I remembered

that I was alive

Right now

in this very moment

I stopped at a labyrinth

which I often pass

but rarely walk

But on this evening

I walked it


It was already dark

but there was light left in the sky

And as I approached the center

I stopped

and I turned

and I looked up

Trees swayed

Large fluffy snowflakes fell

And instinctively

like a little kid

I stuck out my tongue

to catch the snowflakes

and I did

also on my eyelashes

And I could hear it

the snow

the flakes

as they fell

And for a moment

just a very brief moment

the veil was lifted

slightly and ever so briefly

And I was awake

Then I got on my bike

and rode home

thinking about tomorrow

and yesterday

But now is where I want to be

It’s all we have

Urban Simplicity.