This is a photo I shot last night of a storefront very near my house. It is on Allen Street, here in Buffalo, NY. This is also the Buffalo that I know. The City of Good Neighbors. A city of immigrants, as it has been since the beginning. This is what makes our city great. Not it’s “resurgence.” It’s the people that make it great. And the new wave of immigrants are shaping our city into a new one just as my ancestors did in the past. It’s a city of love. Not the hate-filled rhetoric that the “the donald” (I’m consciously using lower case) will be spewing out and contaminating my beautiful and loving city when he speaks here on April 17th. He may try to segregate and separate. He may try to build a wall. But he cannot shut out the light. Because light always overcomes. It’s a scientific fact that one cannot bring darkness into a lighted room and make it dark, but you can bring light into a darkened room and make it light. I and many others will be holding light on his darkness which will not overcome the light that is within us. Love always wins, not hate.