Things That can be Carried on a Bike (#543)

A cardboard box containing two freshly baked and still-warm loaves of 100% whole wheat bread. an empty dough rising bucket. a camera bag. a book bag. Urban Simplicity.

Things That can be Carried on a Bike (#542)

Four new shirts. Three new pairs of pants. A new pair of shoes. A large bag of dog food. Two jars of peanut butter. Ten pounds of whole wheat flour. Urban Simplicity.

The View from my Handlebars (a few things I saw while riding my bike today)

Urban Simplicity.

A reason to ride…

Okay. So I’ve posted this video in the past. But not in quite a while. I just came across it in my bookmarks again and thought that I’d re-post it for a couple  reasons. One is for those that may have not seen this before. The other is that…well, I never seem to tire ofContinue reading “A reason to ride…”