Bicycle Ambulance

Photo Credit By now you, the reader or visitor to this blog, know that I am a proponent of bicycles as a utility machine, not just a weekend toy but a serious piece of equipment that can carry you and all your stuff where it needs to go. I believe that bikes are utilitarian, andContinue reading “Bicycle Ambulance”

How To Ride A Bike

OK, first a couple things. The title of this post is a bit incorrect…it should read how I ride a bike, but I didn’t want it to sound too self-centric (but isn’t that what everyone’s blogs are about…themselves). And the photo above is not recent; it is one I took last spring when I hadContinue reading “How To Ride A Bike”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#405)

A gym bag full of wet clothes. A canvas bag containing–among other things–two books, a magazine, an extra camera, and a few pens and pencils. Eight small wine glasses, two Indian meal moth traps, and a red reflector on a 4ft/1.2m stick (for the front yard, not the bike). And also a full cup ofContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#405)”

More on the Trailer

This post is related to my prevous post regarding my latest experiment in self-propelled mobility…a trailer attached to the Mundo. A few people have asked me how I attached the hitch to the bike seeing the Mundo–with its long wheel base–is not suited for an attachment to the traditional axle attachment. How I attached thisContinue reading “More on the Trailer”

Increased Capacity

If you’ve been to this blog before you know that I ride a bike as often as I can, not great distances or in races but for my everyday transportation around town…and I also like to carry stuff on my bikes, whatever stuff a person would normally carry in their car. Besides my cargo bikeContinue reading “Increased Capacity”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#402)

More than 6 dozen freshly-made fastnacht kuecheles in 3 plastic tubs. Urban Simplicity.

The Man Who Lived on His Bike

This short film (3 minutes) is excellent. I loved it. Whether you ride a bike or not it will undoubtedly make you smile…and  the music is good, too. Here’s a description from the author: I love being on a bike. It helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After 382 days spentContinue reading “The Man Who Lived on His Bike”

Buffalo Soldiers

Well first off, the title of this post has nothing to do with soldiers in the city where I was born and live, Buffalo, NY.  It’s referring to the Twenty-fifth United States Infantry Regiment, also known as Buffalo Soldiers, which was at the time a racially segregated regiment. I’ve posted the above picture before andContinue reading “Buffalo Soldiers”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#399)…and a quick comment

Things on the bike…a gym bag containing two swim suits, two towels, and two pair of swim goggles; and a canvas bag containing a book, magazine, and camera. A quick comment…That’s my bike parked about 10ft from the door to the health club of which I’m a member. Being Monday I almost drove…my street hasContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#399)…and a quick comment”

The Times They Are A Changing…

I’ve posted this short video before but recently came upon it and it seems as fresh as when I first saw it, so thought I’d re-post (for those who may not have seen it initially). I originally came across it at the excellent Toronto based blog, The Urban Country. It’s only a minute long andContinue reading “The Times They Are A Changing…”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#396)…and a quick comment

Things on the bike (above)…A gym bag full of wet clothes, a 4lb bag of dog food, and 3L of red wine. Below is a self-portrait of sorts…I took it yesterday as I coasted past a particularly reflective stretch of windows in an office building downtown. I wasn’t going to post it (never really caredContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#396)…and a quick comment”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#393)…and how my bikes are therapeutic

Things on the bike and in the Bike Rev trailer… $127 (US) of groceries from two separate stores.3 liters of red wine4.4lbs. dog foodA gym bag full of wet clothsA canvas bag containing books and an extra cameraTwo portions of Chinese take out One (of the many) ways my bikes are therapeutic (to me)… IContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#393)…and how my bikes are therapeutic”

And Now For Something Really Interesting…

I have long been interested in the history of the bicycle. I’ve also been to California numerous times, though never to Los Angeles. And quite frankly, I would never think of bicycle history and Los Angeles in the same thought. More likely, and this is stereotyping (please, Los Angelers, don’t send me hate mail), IContinue reading “And Now For Something Really Interesting…”

Rural Complexity

I’ve seen this short clip in the past and just recently came across it again. The only thing it has in common with Urban Simplicity is that it highlights bicycles. It’s a hair-raising adventure of biking down the Garnitzenklamm Gorge in Austria. Personally, I don’t think I could walk down that path let alone rideContinue reading “Rural Complexity”