The Bubble Man of Allen Street

As a life long Buffalonian I have always promoted our city as both beautiful (on many levels) bt also unique, and sometimes a bit quirky…this is a good example. I’m of course talking about the Bubble Man, the man who fills the street with bubbles from his third story apartment 365 days a year. IContinue reading “The Bubble Man of Allen Street”

A Few Pics and How I Finally Figured Out My Bicycle Computer

As mentioned in a previous post I had gone on a longish ride today for exercise. Actually it was probably the longest I’ve ridden the Mundo at one time…over 22 miles (35km). I know that’s not a lot for some people (many people) but it is for me…especially when you are nearly 50 years oldContinue reading “A Few Pics and How I Finally Figured Out My Bicycle Computer”


OK, firstly this was not an actual pilgrimage (just thought I’d get your attention), but more of a long ride on the Mundo through South Buffalo to Lackawanna, NY with the destination of a local Basilica and Shrine. It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit chilly, and I felt like I needed some exerciseContinue reading “Pilgrimage”

Ten Snowy Miles on the Mundo (and a little Buffalo history)

I had the day off today and had it in my head that I was going to go for a ride despite the cold and snowy weather. As it turns out I was actually over-dressed and had to remove a layer. When I’m on a bike and riding through areas I normally wouldn’t, I feelContinue reading “Ten Snowy Miles on the Mundo (and a little Buffalo history)”

Sunday Morning Walk

Sometimes I find a walk is better than a bike ride. If you can see more on a bike than in a car you can see even more when you’re using just your feet. Anyhow, I went for a meditative Sunday walk this morning, and one of the things that I love to do whenContinue reading “Sunday Morning Walk”

Unplugged Earth

I read somewhere recently (though I can’t remember where) that up to forty percent of your household electricity usage can be accredited to things that aren’t even turned on…you know, all those little blinky lights and clocks on your electronics that you don’t even notice. With that said, imagine how much electricity consumption we wouldContinue reading “Unplugged Earth”

The Awsomeness of Utility Bikes

It’s been relatively pleasant in Buffalo lately…by that I mean not much snow, though it has been bitterly cold for the past week again. Anyhow, it was a brilliantly sunny day and I rode my Yuba Mundo to work, and then rode my teenage son home on it…cutting the walk time down by at leastContinue reading “The Awsomeness of Utility Bikes”

Errands on the Mundo Yuba (and what I saw on the ride)

I had the day off today and had a bunch of errands to run. The temperature was hovering around 32F, and the sun was out (at least for the first portion of the day). I probably covered about 20 miles (I’m guessing, as I do not have an odometer), taking into consideration the convoluted andContinue reading “Errands on the Mundo Yuba (and what I saw on the ride)”

Bike Racks

I was in Toronto this past weekend, and as usual was impressed with the city for many reasons: its multiculturalism, it’s friendliness, it’s vibrancy and cleanliness, but mostly it’s robust bike culture. Toronto is a mere 100 miles from Buffalo and the climate is pretty much the same…snowy and bitterly cold much of the winter.Continue reading “Bike Racks”

Snow, More Snow, a Peeve, a Link or Two, and Few Other Things

OK. I know I live in Buffalo, NY. I am fully aware of its reputation for snow, but enough already…it has been snowing for the past 24 hours. It’s not been full throttle–if it were rain it would be labeled as a drizzle–but it has been non-stop. Here’s a couple of photos; first daytime, thenContinue reading “Snow, More Snow, a Peeve, a Link or Two, and Few Other Things”

Snowy Ride on the Mule and Kidnapped Snakes

I love hauling stuff on bikes…it gives me such a sense of accomplishment, of satisfaction. For various reasons I haven’t been on any of my bikes for a few days and was determined to ride one today. Our meditation group met at at our church tonight, which is only about a mile from my house,Continue reading “Snowy Ride on the Mule and Kidnapped Snakes”

Winter and Spicy Stew

Well, Buffalo’s climate is once again living up to its reputation. We got pelted with something like a foot of snow today (judging by the news, so did much of the rest of the northeast). I was out driving in it today (yes, I do use a vehicle now and again) and at points itContinue reading “Winter and Spicy Stew”