You’ve Got Mail…

I just thought I’d pass a long a bit of info on a new update to this page (shameless self-promotion is no easy task for me). I’ve recently added a mail widget to this blog…if you enter your email address you will receive an any new posts from via email. And just to let youContinue reading “You’ve Got Mail…”

Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#378)

A large poinsettia plant and a 5lb/2.2kg bag of whole wheat flour. Other things that can be carried on a bike. Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#377)

$42.71 of groceries and sundries (cardboard box/front rack); a 10lb bag of dog food and gym bag full of wet clothes (rear carrier). Urban Simplicity.

A Bike as a Photographic Platform

I have posted many times in the past on the usefulness of bikes, especially longtails…but this is a new and interesting one for me. As many of you know, as I ride around on my bike(s) I enjoy snapping pictures with my little point-and-shoot camera(s). And I mostly–especially when it gets dark early–enjoy taking photosContinue reading “A Bike as a Photographic Platform”

Sometimes I Forget…

Sometimes I forget. Often actually. And it’s easy to do because I’m on it everyday. What I’m talking about is my bike, or at east one of them. Specifically I am talking about the Mundo and how long it is (or at least how different it is from most other bikes); that it is aContinue reading “Sometimes I Forget…”

Cargo Bike Revolution

The below trailer was forwarded to me by a fellow cargo-biker (thanks Max!). It’s the trailer to an upcoming documentary about cargo bikes in the US. It is so good for me to see this. While I generally get really good comments about the Mundo when I’m on it or loading it, and while aContinue reading “Cargo Bike Revolution”

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#324), and a couple comments

A large double-wide wicker chair. Every so often I wonder if it isn’t over-kill to a certain extent that I ride a 7ft cargo bike as my everyday bike (though it still is my most comfortable). Then I come across treasures like this and remember why it is so handy to be riding a cargoContinue reading “Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#324), and a couple comments”

Bread Bikes

Before I started this blog I had another blog waayyy back in 2006 or 2007…that’s like light-years ago in Internet time. Anyhow, it was when I was toying with starting a blog, and it was, for a very short time, called The Biking Baker…seeing how I like to bike and bake. I even had thoughtsContinue reading “Bread Bikes”

A Deflated Situation, a Built-In Tire Jack, and a Question to other Yuba Mundo Riders

So there I was a few days ago pedaling along on my way to church on Easter Sunday when I noticed it was getting a little difficult to pedal. Odd, I thought…no wind to speak of; no incline. Then I felt the tell-tale sway and heard the sound of a deflating tire sagging against theContinue reading “A Deflated Situation, a Built-In Tire Jack, and a Question to other Yuba Mundo Riders”

It’s Not Always About the Destination or How Much I can Carry…

 …sometimes it’s just about the ride. With the weather starting to break I’ve been riding my winter bike less and the Mundo more…and for a while (during the deepest, darkest, and coldest days of winter) I nearly forgot how lovely and beautiful this bike is to ride. I had a meeting at church tonight andContinue reading “It’s Not Always About the Destination or How Much I can Carry…”

Stand Alone

I’m thinking about purchasing one of these stands for the Mundo but am not sure if I should wait…it’s brand new and am wondering if it would be smarter to wait for the next version, to work out any kinks.. Currently I have the sidestand, which came standard on the bike. It works surprisingly wellContinue reading “Stand Alone”

In Praise of Cargo Bikes

This post is really in response to this article I came across at the Grist website. The catchy title of the article is initially drew my attention: Tricked-out cargo bikes give SUVs a run for their money. It’s a good article and basically just another thing to stroke your ego as a cargo cyclist. IfContinue reading “In Praise of Cargo Bikes”

Crop Rotation…Bike Rotation

Every year when I plant my vegetable garden it is just a new experiment. It all started about 20 years go when I pushed a few seedlings into the moist ground and watered them…and to my surprise they grew. I’ve been hooked ever since. I try to do something new every year. This year IContinue reading “Crop Rotation…Bike Rotation”

A Quick Note On The Mundo Side-Stand

Stands for cargo bikes are an essential component. And if I had to sum up my thoughts about this side-stand (or kick-stand) I could say it in one simple statement: I am impressed. On my v1 Mundo I had a bi-pod stand, which worked good but not great…the bike could sometimes fall over if fullyContinue reading “A Quick Note On The Mundo Side-Stand”

Je Suis Sans Ma Bicyclette Du Monde (Mundo)

Yup…it’s true, I finally sold the Mundo. The above photo is the bike with its new proud owner (he was nice enough to let me take his picture). The bike will now traverse the streets of the beautiful and bike-friendly city of Toronto. I’ve been trying to sell it for a little over a month,Continue reading “Je Suis Sans Ma Bicyclette Du Monde (Mundo)”

It’s on Its Way

  Photo Found Here Just got word from the good people at Yuba that my order is being processed, which I’m assuming means is ready to be shipped. I ordered the bike more than a month ago and had to wait because I ordered the stylish matte black variety. Most of my bikes are paintedContinue reading “It’s on Its Way”