The Present is Now

Today was one of those days…you know what  I’m talking about. Everyone has them once in a while. Crazy stupid busy at work, and I was annoyed and annoying. But this evening–after work and after a brief steam and swim at the health center–I sat under the grapevines in my backyard and pondered. I ate grapes and drank wine (ok, I drank more wine than I ate grapes), and watched my pugs wander around and sniff each other. I also admired not only how beautiful the grapes looked, but also how all the ridiculousness of the day really doesn’t matter. What does matter is the here-and-now. But sometimes it is so difficult to be present. The present is all we really have, and it’s usually pretty good.

6 thoughts on “The Present is Now”

  1. Joe, your posts hit the nail on the head so many times I often don't reply because it would be a repetitious, "Amen, Brother." Thanks again for taking the time to share.Best,Max

  2. Max, thanks. Sometimes I feel like I'm just typing into the mysterious void known as the internet and wonder why. But it's comments like yours that keep me going. Thanks for reading and commenting. Peace.

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