The Last Remnant…literally and figuratively

Many of you likely know that I have finally (finally!) given up car ownership (or in my case, truck ownership) and have have seamlessly moved from being car-lite to car-free. Well in a last act of departure I had to “surrender” the plates to the DMV today, and it seemed appropriate–as if in some final death march–to carry them on one of my bikes. Done. Finito. Fini.

Urban Simplicity.

3 thoughts on “The Last Remnant…literally and figuratively

  1. Awesome! 😀 I have a small collection of one-of-the-two-issued (or in the case of the lone WV license I've kept,the only one issued) plates I've had personalised hanging for bike-shed wall decor,LOL! For a WV "OLDNSLOW" off a nice '69 Beetle I had,to "BN4WHLN" in VA when I had a much lifted and environmentally despicable F150 I once owned and loved. If ever I can go car-free (meaning,if old spinal ailments would allow),I'll add my current and favorite plate to the mix,my wife and I's initials,surrounded by "Share The Road" and a bicycle sign printed by VA on it,LOL!The Disabled Cyclist(weird,sometimes I cannot get it to allow me to "log in" to my WordPress identity to post comments,I assre you,"anonymous" is in fact me,however :p)

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