The Toa of Pug

If you’ve been to this blog before you likely know a few things about me…and one of them is that I am owned by two pugs. I know, I know…if you are not a “dog person” you may find it a bit annoying to see pictures of dogs. And I’m wondering when I turned into one of “those people”…those people that post pictures of their dogs. Anyhow, sorry but I can’t help myself. They are such an incredible breed…some say big dogs trapped in little dog’s bodies. The above photos I snapped today and the below one last week. It’s interesting (in the above photos) how serious Franklin looks (upper left photo); he is the happy-go-lucky one; Maxwell is the more serious and alpha of the two. In the bottom photo it was something like 90F outside and we went for a their dismay the walk ended at the veterinarian’s office…

Urban Simplicity.

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