If just for one day…

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The 21st of September is International Day of Peace, with the lofty goal of international cease-fire for a day. It would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Whatever it is you do–whether you pray, meditate, sing, dance, chant, or contemplate…or just sit and think–I hope all of us will send our positive vibrations into the global sphere for hopes of world peace. We, as a species, certainly know how to wage war on each other–and on an incredibly massive scale–but what we need to do is to learn how to wage peace. It may be our only hope for survival. We could be heroes, if just for one day…

Urban Simplicity.

2 thoughts on “If just for one day…

  1. Dan, couldn't agree more. With today's culture it is very difficult to wage peace. But at a personal level–our own actions–I think it is possible. I of course speak as a hypocrite because I have so much work to do…

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