A Fresh Start…Take What You Need (but give what you can)

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2013. It always feels a little odd to write the date of the new year for the first time. Just another day, or is it? Any day can be–and is–the opportunity for a fresh start, but today is especially pertinent being the beginning of a new calendar year. You may have seen the above image (or variations of it) floating around the Internet. I hadn’t until this morning when someone posted a link to this excellent article on Facebook. After Googling the phrase (of the above image) I was surprised to see how popular it is; maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it. Anyhow, I thought it is a great message for the start of the new year (and so is the article that I previously mentioned), but my only problem with it is rather than simply taking…we should also give in return. I’m just sayin’…

This said, I just want to say thank you for visiting, following, and commenting…readership has nearly doubled this past year. This little blog is a hobby of mine that would surly run out of steam if I thought I was typing to an empty theater. So again, thank you. I wish us all a healthy and prosperous year ahead, but mostly I pray for peace…for my country, for our planet, and for each one of us.

And on the lighter side, I came across the below image a while ago and thought it would be fun to share…Woody Guthrie’s New Years resolutions 1942 (click it for a larger view).

Woody's resolutions

Urban Simplicity.

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