That Magic Number (could be you)…


This post refers specifically to (the mother site of the two), opposed to this site you are currently reading, Please visit the other sight (and I hope you sign up), but thanks, as always, for visiting this one.



Okay. So we’ve been hovering/fluctuating around the 98/99 mark for a few months now. But you could be the one to bring it to 100 (or more). I’m not sure why this is important to me, but it is…I’ve wanted to break 100 followers for a while now (I enjoy goals and milestones, I guess)…this humble site gets between 500-1000 hits a day, so I know you are there. And know that when you press the “Join this site” button, which is on the left sidebar below the links, a bell will go off at my house. Okay, not really, but we can pretend (imagine it in your head when you press the button). Never miss a post…I’m just sayin’…

Urban Simplicity.

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