The Good Neighbor…

So here’s a picture of my bike parked in front of Cafe 59 on Allen Street in the neighborhood in which I live in Buffalo. No big deal, right? Well it is, and this photo speaks volumes. Not only does the owner shovel both of his sidewalks (it’s on a corner) he also shovels the sidewalks in front of the restaurant he owns across the street. And he also thoroughly shovels out all the bicycle racks in front of his restaurants (something like five of them…get one for your business). Anyhow, this is a rarity. Often times I end up sort of piling my bike on top of a snow mound to lock it against a pole in the snow. And when I went in and thanked him for shoveling the bike parking, he simply replied: “Bicyclists deserve good parking, too.” Nice. It’s things like this that really make a difference in my life.

Urban Simplicity.

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