The Goodness of Beer

The above image is The Waitress by Edouard Manet A little over a week ago I posted this recipe for Potato Bread with Beer…and also stated that it was not made with 100% whole wheat flour. Which is fine…it’s still a very good recipe, but these days I prefer whole wheat. Anyhow I thought I’dContinue reading “The Goodness of Beer”

Potato Bread with Cheddar, Beer, and Onion (recipe and photos)

The below recipe is one that I’m working on for an article for an upcoming issue of Artvoice magazine, it’s about cooking with beer. The only liquid in the pictured bread is–you guessed it–beer. The recipe does not contain 100% whole wheat flour as when I write for paid publication I tone it down aContinue reading “Potato Bread with Cheddar, Beer, and Onion (recipe and photos)”