Tacos con Carnitas de Pollo…and a few comments on Ezekiel Bread

Pictured above is one of the tacos I made for my son and I for dinner tonight, before it was rolled up of course. Buried under the vegetables and sour cream are the carnitas…delicious. But more on that in a minute. First I have a couple unrelated comments. Between urbansimplicity.com and urbansimplicty.wordpress.com there are nearlyContinue reading “Tacos con Carnitas de Pollo…and a few comments on Ezekiel Bread”

Easy (and Delicious) Homemade Carnitas

Carnitas are a type of slow cooked meat, which is usually made with pork but can also be made with beef. It can be cooked either by roasting it slowly and pulling the meat (like you would with a BBQ), or by simmering it and shredding the meat as the liquid evaporates. I chose theContinue reading “Easy (and Delicious) Homemade Carnitas”