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I catch a glance of you
And then you are gone
Like a shy lover
Playing with me

You’ll lift the veil
To reveal a glimpse
Of your natural beauty

You make me work for it
Your beauty
Your love
The happiness within

Sometimes you’ll hide
For days weeks or months
Then return

But it’s a riddle
Because you are here

Like a flower
Returning after winter
More vibrant

Closer than my breath
My heartbeat
You are I
And I you

Like a golden pearl
I need only to look inside
Then you’ll glow outward
Lighting the way

The search for you
Is endless
But effortless

Only I
My false self
Which is illusion
Make it difficult

My True Self
Knows you
Soul deep

Abigail…too cute for words

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This is Abigail, I met her on my walk home from work today. The human that she owns was walking with her and she was being stubborn, not wanting to move. It’s all I could do is smile. I asked her human if I could take Abagail’s photo to which he agreed, but he also said that she didn’t like people much so she would likely ignore me. After I pet her (at which she did basically ignore me) I knelt down with the camera and she came right up to it and posed. Just for a few seconds of course, but long enough for me to snap a few photos. These are two of my favorites. Thank you Abigail for making my day, and for your human to allowing me to take your photo.

Urban Simplicity.

Everything is Amazing (the world according to Louie)

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I posted this short clip a few years ago but just recently came across it again and still found myself laughing out loud (literally, not in the lol sense). It’s Louis CK on the Conan O’Brien Show telling a funny story. But there is also something very true about this and the message behind his jokes. Anyhow, if you have a couple minutes I hope you watch this (or re-watch this), you’ll be glad you did.

Urban Simplicity.