Curried Red Lentils with Shrimp, Potato, and Peas

This recipe is so easy and delicious you’ll wonder why you don’t make it more often. It’s a classic dal recipe that can be used with shrimp–as with this recipe–chicken, lamb, beef, or vegetarian. It’s good to make a large batch of the spiced lentils because they freeze well and you’ll have them in aContinue reading “Curried Red Lentils with Shrimp, Potato, and Peas”

Five Quotes from Jesus of Nazareth

This is another in the Five Quotes series on this blog, but I first have two preface the quotes with a couple comments. Firstly, I just wanted to say that I found the above photo at St. Francis Place. I chose the photo because I do believe that Jesus meditated (there are plenty of resourcesContinue reading “Five Quotes from Jesus of Nazareth”