Evening Ride on the Mundo Yuba

I was surprised this evening at how warm it was…something like 40F (this is very warm for Buffalo in February). I had a few small shopping errands to run, all of which were well within biking range (I’m still trying to determine what “biking range” is…I suppose it depends on weather conditions in this region, among other things…you can also use this Two Mile Challenge as a guide).

Anyhow, one of the errands was to purchase a case of wine. There is a wine store almost at the end of my street, but tonight I chose this one, which I believe is about three miles from my house. It’s not that they have a better selection, or their prices are more reasonable…It simply was such nice evening that I wanted to extend the ride. I find it so interesting the looks I get when people see me loading things like a case of wine onto a bike, which the Yuba carried effortlessly…It rode no differently than if the rear rack were empty.

While I was at the register purchasing the wine a clerk asked if I’d like him to carry it out to my car. Not thanks, I told him, I’m on a bike. The workers, of course didn’t believe me…one actually watched as I strapped int down and rode away.

Being Ash Wednesday I am abstaining from meat today, which is not really that much of a sacrifice for me…I am by no means a vegetarian, but there are plenty of meals, and entire days for that matter, when I go meatless. Anyhow, I didn’t feel like cooking (yes, every once in a while that happens to me), so I stopped at the Falafel Bar for a quick and healthy meal. If you find yourself in the Buffalo area I highly recommend them.

Lastly, I leave you with this video. I’m not sure who posted it, but it’s pretty interesting. It’s a slide-show of cargo bikes of all sorts (including a few good shots of a Mundo or two). It’s only a couple minutes long and worth watching…though I’m not so sure about the background techno music.

2 thoughts on “Evening Ride on the Mundo Yuba

  1. I probably would have taken the clerk up on the offer just to see the look on his face. :>DOne grocery store I shop at ALWAYS takes the groceries out to your vehicle for you. They have finally learned that I don't need their service (though I do appreciate the fact they are doing it). But they like to try and let the new guys haul my stuff out for me, just so they can see their reaction. LOLAaron

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