Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#396)…and a quick comment

Things on the bike (above)…A gym bag full of wet clothes, a 4lb bag of dog food, and 3L of red wine.

Below is a self-portrait of sorts…I took it yesterday as I coasted past a particularly reflective stretch of windows in an office building downtown. I wasn’t going to post it (never really cared for seeing photos of myself) but as I was going through photos today and saw it, it made me think. Of all the things that I carry on bikes sometimes I forget. Often it’s when pedaling uphill or into a strong headwind, but still I forget, or maybe I just take it for granted. What I’m talking about is the efficiency of a bicycle as a transportation machine. Sometimes I forget that the bicycle is the most efficient means of transport there is…and that the most precious cargo any bike can carry is the rider themselves.

Urban Simplicity.

4 thoughts on “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#396)…and a quick comment

  1. lagatta à montréal…for some reason you comment was sent to me but is not showing up in the post, so I hope you get my reply. Thanks, btw, for your kind words. I have been to Montreal a few times but not in a number of years…beautiful and inspiring. And no I have not heard of the Hamilton bike site…thanks. I know James Schwartz only as a "virtual friend"…we've never actually met in person. I do know that some are referred to my humble blog via his site and hopefully my site returns the favor. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Ciao, et vive la vélorution!

  2. lagatta à montréal…thanks again for visiting. But for some reason the same thing happened…and it is showing that I do not have spam. I googled the problem and it appears there are many with the same issue. I do get your comments via email (which, of course I cannot respond to directly) but they don't show up on the blog. Anyhow, Blogger says this…1) If your users are Firefox users they need to make sure they have 3rd Party Cookies installed.2) If you have word verification turned on. People with popup blockers will probably have problems with this.3) If you make your comments Full Screen instead of Embedded/Pop then more people will be able to comment on your blog.4) Check your Comments Tab to see if they are getting Moderation. Pay particular attention to the Spam section.

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