Pug in Your Face

I’ve posted pictures of my pugs before but I thought I’d share these (who couldn’t love those flat-faced bulging-eyed faces). That’s Maxwell above and the bottom three are Franklin. All these little guys want is my love (and they have it). I can have the crappiest day at work and come home to their unconditional affection and it changes things. Today when I came home I sat on the floor and let them jump all over me. And as they wilded around and on me I snapped a few photos. They are afraid of the camera but every few seconds they would slow down long enough for me to get a close up of them. Anyhow, here’s a few.

One thought on “Pug in Your Face

  1. LOL,they are cute my friend! One Pugs is one of my daughter's FAVorite breeds (the rest of us here likes em too 😉 ). Moonlight (the Grand Daughter of Spot the Wonderdog,an Austrian Shepard we still love and miss) is the same way when one of us gets in (especially one of the kids from school).A bit of fact with a humorous twist…Moonlight is infinately more appreciative and forgiving than my (much loved) Wife,want an example? If I locked boh in the basement over the weekend with food and water,which one do you think would be happy just to see me come Monday? :pThe Disabled Cyclist

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