Sept Jours…

A couple things…

Firstly, this photo was taken during a heavy rain…the beginnings of Sandy, no doubt.  It’s a burning bush and looks beautiful–I think–glistening and dripping in the rain. What’s interesting–I also think–is that if you zoom in on the droplet you can see a reflection of me taking the photo. Hmmm…

Anyhow–and another thing–is that I wanted to mention that I will not be posting for the next seven days. I have a lot of things going on this next week–too many things–and the only way I feel I’ll keep my stress level bearable and make it through is by simplifying. Thus I am taking a sort of seven day fast from the Internet (egad!). Okay, not entirely…I’ll be checking my emails (and sending emails) but I won’t be posting at either of the Urban Simplicity blogs or at the Facebook page. I’m “fasting” for a couple reasons actually. For the busyness in my week ahead, but also for a brief respite from cyber-everything. I plan on spending more time this week in prayer and meditation. I feel that I and the world around me could really use it (everything is connected, after all).

At any rate, I wanted to say thank you to those who visit regularly and take the time to comment and email. I hope you’ll stick with me in his short absence. I’ll be back in a week, à bientôt.

Until then, Peace.

One thought on “Sept Jours…

  1. I just took a 2 week Break from ALL electronic Stuff, T.V.,Internet,Facebook,ETC. I went and stayed Outdoors,camping in a National Park. So Enjoy the Peace.We will be here when you return.

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