Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#481, 482 & 483), and a couple brief comments

These photos were all taken today in the course of running errands and just basically living life. May is National Bike Month and I couldn’t help but think as, I was peddling around town today, that if I drove, all the times I would have had to not only get in and out of a car but also find a parking space (and pay for parking as well). The first part of the day was rainy (indeed, on my way to work I got soaked), but then it cleared up and the second half of the day was sunny and cool. If felt–as usual–really good to use my own energy for propulsion, and I loved being out in the elements on a cool spring day…yes, even in the rain.
Anyhow, here are some but not all of the things I carried on a bike today in the course of my day…
Boxes full of leftover food for a local food pantry, 80lbs. of topsoil, six live tomato plants, a book bag full of books, two pints of arroz con frijoles and a couple chive crepes stuffed with Beef Storganoff, three large photos (hot off the press) and one of them custom matted, a camera bag with a dslr camera and two lenses, fruit, vegetables, juice, a bottle of hot sauce, two bottles of red wine, and a gym bag full of wet clothes.

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