On a balmy evening…

I’m not sure what area of the world you are reading this but in Western New York it has been hot and humid this past week. In a word…balmy. I actually have the weekend off of work but have been doing some rehab on my house and spent the better part of the day yesterday and today squatting on rafters next to an uninsulated roof. It was, to say the least, very sauna-like temperatures (only a lot dirtier). Anyhow, this evening it cooled a bit and I felt I needed to get out and get some air. So I went for a short walk around my neighborhood, snapped a few photos, and then stopped for a couple beers in an air conditioned bar. I used a long shutter speed for these photos and it enhanced the red-orange hue of the night-time lighting, which I thought captured the balminess well. Click any photo for a slightly larger view.

Urban Simplicity.

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