The (same) view from my handlebars (but six months apart) and quote that inspires me…

I likely speak for other all-weather cyclists out there when I say that this winter has been challenging on many levels. I pass this hidden little alley many times during my week and have taken multiple photos of it. Today (the bottom photo) it looked especially beautiful as I passed it so I snapped another photo. But it also made me remember photos of summer and it made me pine for warmer weather. Anyhow, I found the top photo that I took last July standing nearly in the same spot, but six months earlier. Summer will come, eventually, I thought. It also made me think of the following quote regarding the 16th century monk, Brother Lawrence (who also happened to be a cook). It is recorded in the classic text, The Practice of the Presence of God, as a series of conversations. I personally find it inspiring (if only we all could have such an epiphany). If you are interested you can download the book for free in many formats here or here. Anyhow, here’s the quote…

“The first time I saw Brother Lawrence was on the 3rd of August, 1666. He told me that God had done him a singular favor in his conversion at the age of eighteen. During that winter, upon seeing a tree stripped of its leaves and considering that, within a little time, the leaves would be renewed and, after that, the flowers and fruit appear; Brother Lawrence received a high view of the providence and power of God which has never since been effaced from his soul.”

Urban Simplicity. 

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