A tomb, a hawk, some geese, a lot of statues, nested eggs, and a few other things I saw on a Good Friday’s ride (and a few words, too)…

Okay, so a couple things. Firstly, I apologize because this is probably way more pictures than you care to look at on a blog. But I just couldn’t choose so I thought I’d load a bunch. Anyhow, today of course was Good Friday. And you probably gather by now that I am not a literalist when it comes to things biblical, but mostly view the message through the eyes and ears (and heart) as metaphor. Nonetheless, it is a somber day. I’ve also been struggling with some issues of my own so I thought I’d go for a ride on a beautiful spring day and take photos. A cemetery seemed appropriate. It may seem odd to some that I find cemeteries beautiful and peaceful but I do. And I’ve posted about Forest Lawn Cemetery before (click here). It really is a beautiful place (people actually have wedding photos taken here). There’s a view above to illustrate this…there are, in my opinion, worse places to have your body rest. One of the places that I was glad to discover today was the tomb of George Pierce, one of Buffalo’s original bicycle manufacturers. There’s a picture of my bike (below) laying at the tomb paying homage. I ended up riding around taking photos mostly of the graveside statues, which I find particularly beautiful. The cemetery is also somewhat of a goose sanctuary…they are everywhere, including nesting eggs in graveside urns (two are pictured below). Anyhow, sorry again for so many photos, but this ride and photo-shoot was something I needed today…very soothing. Click any for a slightly larger view.

Urban Simplicity.

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