Plus d’oiseaux…

This is really a continuation of a previous post where I described riding past a tree and some bushes loaded with these little birds.  Well I was riding past this same location today and heard them chirping away again. And this time I had a better camera with me so I thought I’d take aContinue reading “Plus d’oiseaux…”

Just a goose…

This post could easily be titled “more things (or another thing) I saw while riding my bike today.” I love seeing nature in the city. It is all around us all we have to do is look. And often I don’t see it, or at least take it for granted. This morning, for example, whileContinue reading “Just a goose…”

Angry Bird…

No, I am not referring to the internet game, Angry Birds. And I don’t know if this bird is actually angry at me, though it does look like it in the bottom two photos. But I do know that it is a proven fact the birds can remember you. These photos are in the successionContinue reading “Angry Bird…”

A Building and a Bird in the Rain

When I left work today cold air was blowing out some of the warmer air we had yesterday, creating some fog. As I rode home I could see the top of our city hall shrouded in fog and thought it would make an interesting photo. So after stopping home I rode downtown. But by theContinue reading “A Building and a Bird in the Rain”

Aerial Ballet…predators looking for food in the city

This is pretty cool (I think)…birds of prey looking for food in the heart of the city. I first posted about these birds last year, when one of them took up residence in a garden where I work. At the time I thought it was a falcon (our city does host does have them…click here,Continue reading “Aerial Ballet…predators looking for food in the city”

The Birds on my Porch (final post)

This is the continuation and sixth and final posting regarding a bird family that took up residence on my front porch a few weeks ago, just outside a window and a few feet from where I type these words. My apologies if these posts have been tiresome; I personally have found the whole process fascinating.Continue reading “The Birds on my Porch (final post)”

More about the Birds (numéro cinq)

So I was finally able to capture a couple pictures of the papa bird feeding the baby chicks (the top and bottom photo). And second from the bottom is the mother bird keeping a watchful eye as usual. Their breed was also identified…House Finch (thanks Rita!). And the image below is a closeup of oneContinue reading “More about the Birds (numéro cinq)”

Mother and Child Reunion

A few things first. In the event this is the first you’ve seen these birds this is a continuation of a post I started a week ago regarding birds that have taken residence on my front porch. To see previous posts, click here, here, and here. I’ve been somewhat concerned because I haven’t seen anyoneContinue reading “Mother and Child Reunion”