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Past and Present….or a bit of photographic time-travel

This is the continuation of a brief series I have sporadically posted where I print out an old photo and go to its location, hold up the original and try to match it to current day and snap a few photos. I have always enjoyed history, and personally I think this is pretty cook.

The buildings are as follows: Above and first below, the Brisbane Building 1896; the Old County Hall 1905; our current City Hall being built in 1930; the Hotel Lafayette 1900 (and you can see from the original that there have been additions added on); and Lafayette Square 1900;

For more in this series, click here and here.

Urban Simplicity.

Past and Present…the view from my handlebars 83 years later

These photos are a continuation of a series that I post now and again. I’ll find an old photo from somewhere in the city, print it out, and then try to recreate the picture. Sometimes this is easy, and other times it can be difficult because of the angle of the original shot. Yet other times it is difficult because buildings are missing or there are others in their place. Anyhow, both of these photos are taken in my direct neighborhood. The set directly below is on a stretch of Allen Street near Elmwood Avenue that I pass every single day, and the bottom set is also on Allen Street but at the very beginning where it meets Main Street. The original photos are said to have been taken in 1930; the others I took today. To see more in this series click here, here, or here.

Urban Simplicity.

Past and Present…the view from my handlebars separated by more than 100 years (#3)

So if you’ve been to this blog before you know that one of my favorite pastimes is to take picture of things I see while riding my bike(s). This is a third installment of a series that really interests me (click here and here to see the two previous posts). Basically, I take photos from a bygone era and try to replicate them by standing in what I believe to be the same spot the original was taken, or at least close to it. I’ll carry the photos with me and hold it up (as pictured above) to try to locate the same location. I have to say with all seriousness that I sometimes get goosebumps when I snap the photos…knowing that a photographer was doing the exact same thing in the same spot more than a hundred years ago. Anyhow, the locations are as follows…

Above and the first image below are Lincoln Parkway. The next two pairs are two different views of Albright Knox Art Gallery. The one below that is the Buffalo Historical Society (note the highway that now cuts through the park thanks to Robert Moses), and the last photo is a stone bridge in Delaware Park. Click any image for a slightly larger view.

Urban Simplicity.