Really good bread…four igredients, ok five, but one is optional

 Okay, so here is something about me you likely do not know…I was once one of these people that thought making homemade bread was difficult. Well, it’s not. And even after I had mastered it and became somewhat obsessed with making it I still thought it was impossible to make a really good loaf usingContinue reading “Really good bread…four igredients, ok five, but one is optional”

Seven is the lucky number…

This is one of my favorite loaves of bread and it is so easy to make. The beauty of it is that it only has seven ingredients, and–unlike most supermarket breads–all of the ingredients are easily recognizable and understandable. If you want to get real bare-bones you can pare this recipe down to just fourContinue reading “Seven is the lucky number…”

Rice-and-Beans…but bread

Yup, it’s true…rice-and-beans, but made into bread. I, as you likely know, eat a lot of bread. So I often try different combinations to make a healthier bread. Some say that rice-and-beans are a perfect food. Well, I’m not so sure about that, but they are really good. Anyhow, this recipe is not unlike myContinue reading “Rice-and-Beans…but bread”