Thoughts on prayer (and what it means to me)

This is the second in a series I started a little over a month ago on positive scripture (click here to read the first). But first I have to state a very short disclaimer. I’ve said this before but feel I have to say it again. My personal theology is…um, well. Scratch that. Actually IContinue reading “Thoughts on prayer (and what it means to me)”

Sometimes a Book Finds You…

I love books and bookstores. When I travel I make a point of visiting used and/or independent bookstores in that city. And I really do believe that books sometimes find you…that they are placed before you for you to find and hopefully read. The book above is a good example (and more on that inContinue reading “Sometimes a Book Finds You…”

A Few Things I Saw Today

I’ve used this comparison before but have to mention it again…you see a lot more when on a bike than in a car but you see ten times that when you walk. Because, like a car, when you ride a bike you have to stay in control–or at  least keep the bike in control lestContinue reading “A Few Things I Saw Today”

I Can Finally Name It

For many years I have enjoyed taking pictures. First with a 35mm camera (never did learn to develop them myself) and more recently with digital. What is truly awesome about digital cameras is that–because there is no developing involved–you are able to take multiple pictures of the same thing, upload them, and pick-and-choose which youContinue reading “I Can Finally Name It”