Tall Bike

I rode past this tall bike today and did a u-turn to come back and take it’s picture…that is one tall bike. I’ve profiled a tall bike builder previously on this blog, but haven’t seen many of them around lately. As I was taking the bike’s picture a young woman rode up. I commented onContinue reading “Tall Bike”

An Original Tall Bike

Though I’ve never ridden one I’ve been intrigued by tall bikes for a while. I’ve also posted on them in the past, specifically about a local bicyclist-bike builder, Jason (click here and here). Anyhow, I came across this photo at CardCow.com today and was immediately impressed. The site does not say what year this isContinue reading “An Original Tall Bike”

Jason the High Rider (and bike builder)

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for about a week. They’re of a fellow biker that I seem to run into somewhat frequently. I posted about him previously on this blog (click here) when I was walking one winter night and saw him and a friend riding tall bikes. I also mad reference toContinue reading “Jason the High Rider (and bike builder)”