Art Imitating Life…Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#484)

On the bike….photos of bikes carrying things on bikes being carried to an art gallery by one of the bikes in the photos carrying and being carried by bikes. If you are in the Buffalo area and are at all interested, I’ll have a few photos from the Things That Can be Carried on aContinue reading “Art Imitating Life…Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#484)”

Thoughts on Vehicles and Personal Transport

vehicle –n Any conveyance in or by which people or objects are transported, especially one fitted with wheels. It’s interesting, I think, how some people are just baffled. Okay, I’m often baffled on many things myself, but what I’m talking about is that people are stunned–sometimes rendered speechless momentarily–when I tell them that I voluntarilyContinue reading “Thoughts on Vehicles and Personal Transport”

Food for Thought (a pro-bike post)

I found these images at various locations with a simple Google search. As many of you know I’ve been car-lite for years and am recently car-free. It’s interesting that I’ve been without a car for nearly two months and I barely notice it (this winter will be the true test). And I realize that ifContinue reading “Food for Thought (a pro-bike post)”

New York State Paid Me to Remove My Truck from the Road

Yup, it’s true. Many of you know that I recently sold my truck, and after being car-lite for many years I am finally car-free (I did recently join Buffalo Car Share but haven’t used it yet…haven’t used a car in more than a month actually). Anyhow, as if the savings from the true cost ofContinue reading “New York State Paid Me to Remove My Truck from the Road”

Bike to Work

I knew that May was National Bike Month but was not aware that today–May 18th–was National Bike-To-Work-Day. It’s likely that to many who read this blog this is irrelevant information as you may ride to work on many days already (sort of like preaching to the choir), but I thought I’d say it anyhow…Happy bike-to-work-day!

The Perpetual Motion of Life, a Favorite Gandhi quote, and a Who Song

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”–Mahatma Gandhi  I’ve mentioned a few times on the origins of this blog, but in the event I’ve yet to bore you withContinue reading “The Perpetual Motion of Life, a Favorite Gandhi quote, and a Who Song”

Tall Bike

I rode past this tall bike today and did a u-turn to come back and take it’s picture…that is one tall bike. I’ve profiled a tall bike builder previously on this blog, but haven’t seen many of them around lately. As I was taking the bike’s picture a young woman rode up. I commented onContinue reading “Tall Bike”

Bicycle Ambulance

Photo Credit By now you, the reader or visitor to this blog, know that I am a proponent of bicycles as a utility machine, not just a weekend toy but a serious piece of equipment that can carry you and all your stuff where it needs to go. I believe that bikes are utilitarian, andContinue reading “Bicycle Ambulance”

The Man Who Lived on His Bike

This short film (3 minutes) is excellent. I loved it. Whether you ride a bike or not it will undoubtedly make you smile…and  the music is good, too. Here’s a description from the author: I love being on a bike. It helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After 382 days spentContinue reading “The Man Who Lived on His Bike”

Buffalo Soldiers

Well first off, the title of this post has nothing to do with soldiers in the city where I was born and live, Buffalo, NY.  It’s referring to the Twenty-fifth United States Infantry Regiment, also known as Buffalo Soldiers, which was at the time a racially segregated regiment. I’ve posted the above picture before andContinue reading “Buffalo Soldiers”

And Now For Something Really Interesting…

I have long been interested in the history of the bicycle. I’ve also been to California numerous times, though never to Los Angeles. And quite frankly, I would never think of bicycle history and Los Angeles in the same thought. More likely, and this is stereotyping (please, Los Angelers, don’t send me hate mail), IContinue reading “And Now For Something Really Interesting…”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#390)

$132.72 in groceries, sundries, and dog food (and four slices of pizza), in a cardboard box and soda crate from  three separate stores.   Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#379)

$152.34 of groceries and sundries in three plastic crates from four different stores. Click here if you’d like to see a few other things that can be carried on a bike.Urban Simplicity.

A Few Things I Saw over my Handlebars

These are just more examples of what a great opportunity a person has on a bicycle to witness and become an active participant their surroundings; these are a few images from tonight or the last couple of days that I took while on my bike. They are–to me–a form of contemplative photography. Click either forContinue reading “A Few Things I Saw over my Handlebars”

Too Close For Comfort

I came across the above photo at the Facebook page of Car-Free America. It is–as it’s description says–the Oriten, a ten-seat bike made by the Orient Bicycle company. I had never heard of such a thing, but after Googling it I was surprised to see that it was quite popular around the time it wasContinue reading “Too Close For Comfort”