New York State Paid Me to Remove My Truck from the Road

Yup, it’s true. Many of you know that I recently sold my truck, and after being car-lite for many years I am finally car-free (I did recently join Buffalo Car Share but haven’t used it yet…haven’t used a car in more than a month actually). Anyhow, as if the savings from the true cost of car ownership weren’t enough, New York State sent me a refund check for un-registering my truck. A few weeks ago when I turned in my plates the nice woman at the counter told me I would likely receive a check in the mail because I had almost a year left on my vehicle’s registration. Honestly, when she told me this I just sort of shrugged it off…yea, right, like the state is going to give me money back for this, I thought to myself. Well, I stand corrected. The proof is above. And it’s interesting that in the past month or so that I have not had my truck I haven’t really missed it (obviously it’s much easier this time of year while the weather is nice). And while I enjoy the benefits of physical exercise and the peace of mind riding a bike or walking, a side benefit is that it’s a lot easier on my wallet…and that makes me happy.

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5 thoughts on “New York State Paid Me to Remove My Truck from the Road

  1. We had a similar experience recently, as our older car died and I salvaged it. State of Maryland sent me a refund check for the unused registration!

    We chose not to replace the car, and are now a one-car family, though there is just my wife and me to use it. It’s been two months now, and we don’t miss it.

    1. It’s interesting…I don’t miss mine either. But my tune may change six months from now when the weather is not so nice.

      1. I continue to be surprised by the cost of convenience. We have to judge if being able to get in the car when it’s raining is worth the cost of maintaining a car we don’t use much, insuring it for the year, etc. Or can we endure 20 minutes in the rain/snow/cold every now and again for that much money?

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