Yup…it is cold and snowy (and a few things I saw on my walk)

  The above temperature is what we woke up to here in WNY. I know it is not nearly as cold as the Mid-West, but geeze ‘o man it is cold. I went out in it only briefly today (to split some logs for the wood-burning stove and then to the store fore a bottleContinue reading “Yup…it is cold and snowy (and a few things I saw on my walk)”

Sometimes I Gotta Use My Feet…

If you’ve been to this blog before then you know that I like to ride bicycles as transportation. A lot. And I often comment on how much more a person sees while on a bike rather than being stuck in a plastic and metal shell more commonly known as an automobile. Many of my photos,Continue reading “Sometimes I Gotta Use My Feet…”

Sometimes I just gotta use my feet…

If you’ve been to this blog previously one of the things you know about me is that I like to ride bikes. A lot. But sometimes nothing will do except using my own two feet and walk. Today was just that day. Autumn is my favorite season of the year and the weather here inContinue reading “Sometimes I just gotta use my feet…”


“Just as a painter needs light in order to put the finishing touches to his picture, so I need an inner light, which I feel I never have enough of in the autumn.”~Leo Tolstoy Autumn has always been my favorite season. And yes, I realize that we are a couple weeks away from it’s officialContinue reading “Autumn…”

A beautiful evening and an anti-auto rant…

Cool photo, right? I took it while on a walk this evening. It looks sort of Star Wars-esque, doesn’t it? You’d never know that I took it while in the heart of the city. Anyhow, I had gone for a long walk tonight to clear my head (walked the length of the Elmwood Village hereContinue reading “A beautiful evening and an anti-auto rant…”

Thoughts on Vehicles and Personal Transport

vehicle –n Any conveyance in or by which people or objects are transported, especially one fitted with wheels. It’s interesting, I think, how some people are just baffled. Okay, I’m often baffled on many things myself, but what I’m talking about is that people are stunned–sometimes rendered speechless momentarily–when I tell them that I voluntarilyContinue reading “Thoughts on Vehicles and Personal Transport”

New York State Paid Me to Remove My Truck from the Road

Yup, it’s true. Many of you know that I recently sold my truck, and after being car-lite for many years I am finally car-free (I did recently join Buffalo Car Share but haven’t used it yet…haven’t used a car in more than a month actually). Anyhow, as if the savings from the true cost ofContinue reading “New York State Paid Me to Remove My Truck from the Road”