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Another view from my handlebars…

This was the view before me on my very short commute to work this morning. Incredible, right? Magnificent. I was so glad and thankful to be on a bike for this. To be in the open and feel the cold air on my face…for my body to be chilled a little; to see this first hand.

Urban Simplicity.

Three more from a garden…

Though I took these photos today they are really a continuation of a previous post. My apologies if I’m boring you with flower photos all summer but I just can’t help myself…they look so beautiful to me when viewed up close. At any rate, there’s only another month or so of them left before we move into autumn (my favorite season)…at which time I’ll no doubt post photos of trees in transition. I really like all of these photos but if I had to choose just one it would be the one directly below…a droplet captured at its point of departure. Click any for a slightly larger view.

Urban Simplicity.

L’automne … six photos

I was going to try and write something profound here…something to the effect of how amazing Mother Nature is and the incredible beauty that surrounds us always–that all we need to do is open our eyes to it–but I don’t need to, or at least I can’t put this natural beauty into words. These images–and the palette of colors found quite literally just outside my front door–speak for themselves…

Urban Simplicity.

Rural Western New York

Sometimes I forget. Or, being in the city for most of my time, I don’t remember. I don’t remember how truly beautiful the surrounding countryside is. This is only 40 miles/64 km from my home. I visited my niece and her husband yesterday at a farm they operate in North Java, NY. The lush green and rolling hills are breathtaking. Fog was just breaking as I took these photos. It felt good to stand and feel the wind on my face and not see another house or person in view…just trees, rolling hills, and pasture. Lovely. Click any photo for a larger view.

Urban Simplicity.

A Few Random Photos

Here’s a few random photos I’ve taken over the last few days. The one above and immediately below were taken this evening, and were in fact the reason of this post…the sunset was so incredible–even on a cold night and in an inner city–that I felt the need to share it. They were both taken looking west, down Virginia Street (aka Calle Virginia), on Buffalo’s Lower West Side. The next photo was taken last evening while grocery shopping on my bike. An entire murder of crows flew overhead–hundreds of them–and while it looked graceful and beautiful it also freaked me out a bit because of the intelligence they are said to have. Below that is nothing more than a manhole cover in the snow that I took just after our but brief recent storm. And lastly, when exiting a store this evening I noticed everything had a glow to it…it was one of those incredible moments just before the sun really begins to set but it’s no longer full daylight and it’s angle casts a hue across everything. Anyhow, I looked up and saw the perfectly straight line of a jet cutting through a blue but pink tinted winter sky. I took out my camera in the parking lot and snapped a few pictures, my favorite is the one you see. I find myself looking skyward a lot these days; not sure why, I just do. And it’s interesting, I think, if one person looks up, so do others around them. And that is exactly what happened tonight as I stood in the parking lot on a cold winter’s eve taking photos. As people passed they looked up. A few looked at me as if I were a bit crazy (which I may be, but who cares) and a few commented how beautiful it looked. And it was. As usual, click any photo for a larger view.

Urban Simplicity.

An Evening View From My Handlebars…

It was such a beautiful evening tonight as I pedaled home…unseasonably warm for this time of year, not a breeze or cloud to be found, and the nearly full moon shone high in the sky (if you look close you can see a star or planet clearly visible to the moon’s lower left). It was such an awesome night I snapped a few photos and thought I’d share. This photo was taken here. (click for a larger view).

A Couple More Pics…

Still in the same theme of you see way more on a bike than when diving a car (and have much more opportunity to appreciate it, and take a few photos), I thought I’d share a few more. This was the sky as I pedaled home from the health club this evening. Breathtaking, I thought. So I stopped curbside to admire it for a minute, then snapped a couple photos. Autumn is my favorite time of year…and I am making special effort to appreciate it before the harsher weather comes.