Three more from a garden…

Though I took these photos today they are really a continuation of a previous post. My apologies if I’m boring you with flower photos all summer but I just can’t help myself…they look so beautiful to me when viewed up close. At any rate, there’s only another month or so of them left before weContinue reading “Three more from a garden…”

In the garden after the rain…

No this is not my personal garden, these photos were taken in the garden of my place of employment. I had mentioned a few times prior that I am lucky enough to work in a place with such a lovely garden (and one which I can walk when it is empty) and I often findContinue reading “In the garden after the rain…”

The green and yellow right in front of me…

So am I the only one that cannot believe it is already the second week of August? As we enter the backside of summer I’ve been trying to appreciate it more by noticing the things right in front of me (which isn’t always an easy thing to do); but looking through a camera lens helpsContinue reading “The green and yellow right in front of me…”

Super color burst times twenty and why I am thankful for it…

“If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, that would be sufficient.”  ~ Meister Johann Eckhardt   In the general scheme of things I have so many things to be thankful for…but sometimes (oftentimes) with the business of life and distractions it is difficult to remember this. This week, for example, has beenContinue reading “Super color burst times twenty and why I am thankful for it…”

Plus de Fleurs (or…nature blows me away)

Okay, so yes, I realize that I sometimes get carried away with photos of flowers. But I can’t help myself…their incredible and natural beauty blows me away (especially when looked upon through a camera lens or close up). All of these flowers are growing in my next door neighbor’s front yard (thanks Melissa!). And I’mContinue reading “Plus de Fleurs (or…nature blows me away)”

Crocuses and Lillies…evidence of spring

Despite the cold temps, these plant still manage to push through the damp soil and reach for the sun. Amazing isn’t it? In a few month’s time the crocuses will be a memory and the tiger lillies (two below) will all but have taken over my garden. Urban Simplicity.

Four Photos of Bees…and a bit about the camera I used to take them

Okay, so before you look at the photos (if you haven’t already) I wanted to show you the camera I shot them with. Yup. That’s it. A little palm-sized point-and-shoot Sony Cyber-shot. 12.1 megapixels. This camera, in fact, is what I use for most of my close ups and much of the food photography onContinue reading “Four Photos of Bees…and a bit about the camera I used to take them”

Two Flowers

I caught glimps of these as I was unloading my bike this evening after a brief ride home and just after it had stopped raining. Separately they are beautiful; together they are–I think–stunning. I love how they are in contrast to one another. One is brightly colored; the other dark purple, almost black. One isContinue reading “Two Flowers”

Inner and Outer Beauty

I realize I’ve posted a fair amount of flower pictures lately but I can’t help myself. They are incredible to look at with a naked eye but when zoomed and seen through a lense of a camera they can seem almost other-worldly. The season for these will be over soon enough and you’ll begin toContinue reading “Inner and Outer Beauty”

Five More Photos of Spring

These photos were taken over the past couple weeks…definitely not the last couple days. The reason I say this is the past couple days we have been experiencing the outer edges and remnants of a Nor’easter that has really pummeled much of the east coast. We (Western New York) were lucky in that we’ve onlyContinue reading “Five More Photos of Spring”

Five Photos of Flowers…and a few words

I took these photos mostly in a neighbors front yard when I arrived home from work late this afternoon. The sun shone just right that they almost seemed illuminated. Interestingly, of the three cameras that I own, the smallest of them–a teeny Sony Cyber-Shot that I purchased for $99 two years ago–takes the best closeContinue reading “Five Photos of Flowers…and a few words”