Playing with Light (in the cold)

A few weeks ago I finally purchased my first dslr camera. It’s used but still in great shape and takes really good photos (the evidence is in front of you). When I was younger I was really into 35mm cameras (specifically this one). I would take road trips specifically to take photos. Then, as IContinue reading “Playing with Light (in the cold)”

Four Photos of Bees…and a bit about the camera I used to take them

Okay, so before you look at the photos (if you haven’t already) I wanted to show you the camera I shot them with. Yup. That’s it. A little palm-sized point-and-shoot Sony Cyber-shot. 12.1 megapixels. This camera, in fact, is what I use for most of my close ups and much of the food photography onContinue reading “Four Photos of Bees…and a bit about the camera I used to take them”

A Few Random Photos

I’m still getting used to my somewhat new (used) camera. I had some time yesterday and went for a walk and shot a few photos. The above is of one of my dogs, Maxwell…how could you not love that face. The image first below is the rear of Kleinhans Music Hall. And the bottom threeContinue reading “A Few Random Photos”

A Few Photos of Winter

Winter, I think, is an amazing time to take photos…an amazing time in general, especially with the crazy weather we’ve had this year. The contrast of color-to-bleak and lush-to-stark inspires me. The above photo (birds in a tree) was taken yesterday when we had crazy-strong wind gusts…the birds just swayed back and forth in theContinue reading “A Few Photos of Winter”

Naturally Translucent (a few photos of snow and trees)

Shortly after writing my somewhat self-righteous post this morning about commuting to work in the snow I ended up using my truck anyhow. The reason I mention this is that in an indirect way it influenced these photos, or at least influence me taking them. But I’m jumping ahead. I drove my truck because myContinue reading “Naturally Translucent (a few photos of snow and trees)”