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Ok. So we are not alone in this. Like much of the north eastern US, we here in Buffalo are gripped with cold and snow. Did I mention cold? For my friends across the pond 7F translates to almost -14c. Anyhow, it is cold. And it’s gonna get colder (check out tomorrow’s low). It’s interesting though, even though I had to get off at a few points and actually push my bike (even with the studded snow tires) it still felt good being on a bike and out in the elements.   

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Things that can be Carried on a Bike (#557 & #558)

#557 (above)…Construction debris on its way to a dumpster.

#558 (below)…$110 in groceries, sundries, and dog food.

Urban Simplicity.

A few thoughts about riding a bike in the winter, and the view from my kitchen window…

The above image is the view from the kitchen window from where I am employed. It was snowing rather heavily and when I looked out the window at one point I thought that it was as pretty as a picture…so I took one.

Anyhow, as mentioned in a previous post, I’ve actually driven a car for the past two days (car share). So today when I go back on a bike it felt good, really good. I really love being out in the elements (ok, rain…not so much); I love the feel of the cold winter wind and flakes falling. I also love the fact that I am both the motor and the cargo. And having new studded snow tires made it even more fun.

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Buffalo Creek on Christmas Day

Yesterday and the day prior I drove a car (yup, it’s true…Buffalo Car Share). Two of my sisters live about 25 miles from me and this is the best way to get to them on a cold Christmas day. Anyhow, I used the opportunity to snap a few photos along the way. All of the photos are of Buffalo Creek. The two immediately below were taken from the bridge pictured above which crosses the creek on Blossom Road in Elma. When I was a kid (teenager) friends and I would swim in this creek in the summertime and have wild parties there at night (the stories I could tell). And the bottom two photos were taken on the bank of the creek at Charles Burchfield Park in West Seneca.

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Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#553)…and how to go Christmas shopping on a bike in the cold rain.

On the bike…Christmas presents.

How to go Christmas shopping on a bike in the cold rain…bring heavy plastic trash bags with you to wrap purchases in. Bring a plastic tote to carry items in. Even if you think the tote will not leak it likely will (it did)…hence the plastic bags. Accept that you will get wet. Really wet, if it is raining hard (it was). Be prepared to be cold once wet. Acceptance, I find, is key here. But also, be prepared to see some beautiful rainy/foggy city scenes along the way, such as the photo below.

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Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#457)

A canvas bag containing two books and a few pens, an empty dough rising bucket, a canvas bag containing an extra camera and charger, and two freshly baked loaves of whole wheat bread.

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Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#456), and Two Views from My Handlebars

On the bike…two bottles of red wine and a gym bag containing wet clothes.

The views…directly below is a view of Allen and Elmwood, an intersection I usually cross multiple times a day. It was/is cold and wet. Not freezing cold, but halfway freezing. The temp is just above freezing and it has been sort of snow-slush-raining for most of the evening. I was glad I didn’t have too far to travel in it. Below is an image I took as I approached my house…just raised the camera skyward and snapped a shot with the flash on to capture the big heavy flakes.

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The View from My Handlebars…

This morning’s ride was incredible. It’s only a couple miles to church (where I was heading) and the sky was cloudless. With warm(ish) temperatures and not a breeze in the air, the snow still clung to the trees from the storm. And with the warmer temps today the snow is all but gone on the trees now. But this morning it was like riding under a canape, and there was no where else I would have wanted to be than on a bike pedaling and coasting beneath it.

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Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#449) and a couple pictures of snow.

On the bike…a canvas bag containing two books, a camera, and some papers. A paper bag containing various food leftovers. 

Western New York got hit with heavy snow today, but not nearly as much as our friends on the eastern seaboard. It wasn’t that cold so the snow was heavy–big heavy flakes–and it stuck to everything, including the trees. This type of snow (the heavy, wet stuff) I find is easier to ride a bike in…the tires have more traction than when it is light and really freezing. This is when it’s fun…

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Evening Ride…

For many reasons–mainly a bad cold, then work, snow and frigid temperatures, and most recently being out of town for a few days–I feel like I haven’t ridden much in the past week or so. But tonight it was…at the sake of sounding hokey…such a lovely winter evening for a ride. Nary a breeze in the air, a near cloudless sky above and full of stars, and high(ish) temperatures (as compared to past couple weeks)…it was in the upper twenties (Fahrenheit). It felt really good to be out on a bike and pedaling and coasting in the crisp winter air. I’m just sayin…

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