New Years Day (two photos)…

 It has been cold outside. Really cold. In the teens and single digits Fahrenheit. Snowy, too. Anyhow, after doing a bunch of errands today I bundled up and grabbed a camera and tripod and went for a brief but contemplative walk (which ended with beers at a bar). Anyhow, these are a couple pics ofContinue reading “New Years Day (two photos)…”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#553)…and how to go Christmas shopping on a bike in the cold rain.

On the bike…Christmas presents. How to go Christmas shopping on a bike in the cold rain…bring heavy plastic trash bags with you to wrap purchases in. Bring a plastic tote to carry items in. Even if you think the tote will not leak it likely will (it did)…hence the plastic bags. Accept that you willContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#553)…and how to go Christmas shopping on a bike in the cold rain.”

The view from my handlebars on a really frigid and snowy night on my short commute home and a few things I saw along the way…

Urban Simplicity.

Four Trees; One Photo

I came upon this while riding my bike the other night. It was frigid cold out; my fingers ached, but I thought this was beautiful. So a took a photo and thought I’d share. Click it for a slightly larger view. Urban Simplicity.

Greenwich Village at Night (pictures and words)

I was in NYC this past weekend, and no matter what city I find myself I am always drawn to it’s funkier neighborhoods. I love their color, flavor, visuals, and eccentricities. If I’m in Toronto, for example, I usually gravitate to Queen Street West or the Kensington market. The half-dozen times I’ve been to ParisContinue reading “Greenwich Village at Night (pictures and words)”

Hot Colors, Cold Night…my neighborhood in the pouring rain

So I haven’t posted much in the last few days–or a week–for a few reasons. The first is that my life has seemed to get increasingly busier (am I the only one that feels this way?). And the second reason is that I’ve had a mild lens malfunction on my camera as of late. FromContinue reading “Hot Colors, Cold Night…my neighborhood in the pouring rain”

The View from My Handlebars (on the first really chilly evening of the season)

I had stopped out for a few drinks with a friend after work this evening. And afterwards was hesitant to run some intended errands, not only because of the beer consumption but mostly because of being ill prepared in dress for the chilly weather. Anyhow, I am really glad I did (as I usually amContinue reading “The View from My Handlebars (on the first really chilly evening of the season)”

Allentown on a Thursday evening…

Though it’s not officially autumn yet it certainly feels like it today. It felt good. It was also the first day since last spring that I wore a light jacket. Many of you know–either by being a local or from reading this blog previously–that the Allentown that I mention in the the title of thisContinue reading “Allentown on a Thursday evening…”

Starry, Starry Night…

Image found here. I was at meeting at our church tonight and was feeling overwhelmingly exhausted for some reason; I didn’t stay for the entire meeting. I hopped on my bike and rode slowly; it was a cold and cloudless night. The cold–at first–felt jarring. But then as I pedaled and coasted I warmed upContinue reading “Starry, Starry Night…”

On a Moon’s Eve

Tonight was/is a full moon. The Snow Moon. And it was such a nice evening–crisp but not too cold, clear, not a breeze in the air–that I grabbed a camera and went for a walk around the neighborhood. And these are a few of the things I saw…   Urban Simplicity.

Six Photos of NYC

I was in NYC over the weekend and snapped a few photos along the way. I was busy for most of the weekend but took photos as I walked to-and-fro. What’s interesting (I think) is that in my continued efforts to travel light (or at least travel lighter) I brought only one camera with meContinue reading “Six Photos of NYC”

Things I Saw While Riding My Bike Today…

One of my favorite things to do is ride around the city at night or during dusk and take photos; if I was an early bird–which I am not–I’m sure I would enjoy the dawn as well. Sometimes I really do question whether I am this guy reincarnated (but I’m getting off topic as IContinue reading “Things I Saw While Riding My Bike Today…”

Playing with Light…Two Views from My Handlebars

So first of all I have to say it was cold today…really cold. The high temp was 18F/-8C. Tonight it is supposed to dip into the single digits (F). Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the brisk riding conditions. Mind you, I wouldn’t want it like this all the time (though in the dog days of summerContinue reading “Playing with Light…Two Views from My Handlebars”

Playing with Light (in the cold)

A few weeks ago I finally purchased my first dslr camera. It’s used but still in great shape and takes really good photos (the evidence is in front of you). When I was younger I was really into 35mm cameras (specifically this one). I would take road trips specifically to take photos. Then, as IContinue reading “Playing with Light (in the cold)”