A poem about eating popcorn…

Eating Popcorn in the East Village Drinking beer in a small East Village bar I met an attorney From Australia An Australian esquire Emma That was her name She seemed sad and arrogant at the same time They are one-in-the-same, I suppose Then I left After too much beer I needed to pee Then IContinue reading “A poem about eating popcorn…”

A City Bird, a Country Bird, a Sleeping Pig, and a few Other things I saw While Walking Recently…

These photos were taken over this past week either in the early morning hours while having coffee in Union Square Park or while on walks at Stony Point Retreat Center. Some of them are obvious of their location while others are not. I find nature in the heart of a city especially beautiful. Urban Simplicity.

10 Random Things I saw While Walking in NYC this Past Weekend

I was in New York this past weekend. And whenever I’m in a large city–especially NYC–I love to walk. I had a camera with my (surprise, right?) and snapped a few photos. Actually I snapped nearly two hundred photos, and here are ten of them in no particular order (but I will give brief explanationsContinue reading “10 Random Things I saw While Walking in NYC this Past Weekend”

Just One Reason Why I Prefer the Train over a Plane

There are many reasons I prefer the train over a plane for long distance travel (besides my mild fear of flying), but my favorite reason is simple…the view. These are a few pictures I took through the train window this past weekend; I had dozens of course, but thought I’d only bore you with theseContinue reading “Just One Reason Why I Prefer the Train over a Plane”

The Light Is In You

This evening I was looking for a document and remembered it was probably on an old computer, the computer I had before the one on which I type these words. And isn’t it interesting that a computer is considered old if it is a mere 8 or 9 years old (egad, it ran Windows 95).Continue reading “The Light Is In You”

They Paid Me Back

A few weeks ago while I was on holiday in NYC I put a twenty dollar bill into a subway machine and nothing happened. The machine didn’t seize up…it just took the money and waited for the next person to come along (who did, and the machine worked fine). Another twenty in the garbage IContinue reading “They Paid Me Back”