First Friday Photo…

A bit of self promotion here (sorry). This is one of four photos of mine that will be hanging in the College Street Art Gallery here in Buffalo. This photo was shot while standing on the balcony of the Notre Dame on a trip to Paris with my son in 2012; the other three photosContinue reading “First Friday Photo…”

Three photos from a moving train…

Beautiful NY State. It really is. I took these photos last week while on a train from NYC to Buffalo. I love the fall colors before the snow came. The bottom photo I think is particularly interesting in that that camera focused in a the stream and everything else is a sort of blur becauseContinue reading “Three photos from a moving train…”

Greenwich Village at Night (pictures and words)

I was in NYC this past weekend, and no matter what city I find myself I am always drawn to it’s funkier neighborhoods. I love their color, flavor, visuals, and eccentricities. If I’m in Toronto, for example, I usually gravitate to Queen Street West or the Kensington market. The half-dozen times I’ve been to ParisContinue reading “Greenwich Village at Night (pictures and words)”

A Doorway Separated by Eighty Years (interesting but a bit eerie)…

I have been interested in photography (or some other art-form) my entire life. And about 25 years ago I discovered a small but thick book of glossy photos at a local library by George Brassaï. It was published in 1933 and titled Paris de Nuit (Paris at night). I was mesmerized by it. M. Brassai,Continue reading “A Doorway Separated by Eighty Years (interesting but a bit eerie)…”

10 Random Things I saw While Walking in NYC this Past Weekend

I was in New York this past weekend. And whenever I’m in a large city–especially NYC–I love to walk. I had a camera with my (surprise, right?) and snapped a few photos. Actually I snapped nearly two hundred photos, and here are ten of them in no particular order (but I will give brief explanationsContinue reading “10 Random Things I saw While Walking in NYC this Past Weekend”

Five Photos of the Hudson River (taken from a moving train)

These photos dispel a few things. One is that New York State is entirely occupied by New York City. I know that people don’t actually believe this (well ok, some may), but often when you mention you are from another part of the state (Buffalo, for example) to someone who is not from the northeast,Continue reading “Five Photos of the Hudson River (taken from a moving train)”

Six Photos of NYC

I was in NYC over the weekend and snapped a few photos along the way. I was busy for most of the weekend but took photos as I walked to-and-fro. What’s interesting (I think) is that in my continued efforts to travel light (or at least travel lighter) I brought only one camera with meContinue reading “Six Photos of NYC”

Photos from Moving Windows…

I was in NYC yesterday for just 24 hrs. Took a plane in and a train out. Hence these photos. I took a 5:45am flight (geeze that is early for someone who is not particularly a morning person) and that’s an image above from the plane window. Awesome isn’t it. The sun coming up overContinue reading “Photos from Moving Windows…”

Just One Reason Why I Prefer the Train over a Plane

There are many reasons I prefer the train over a plane for long distance travel (besides my mild fear of flying), but my favorite reason is simple…the view. These are a few pictures I took through the train window this past weekend; I had dozens of course, but thought I’d only bore you with theseContinue reading “Just One Reason Why I Prefer the Train over a Plane”

Seven Photos of Père Lachaise Cemetery

This is a third installment of photos from my somewhat recent trip to Paris (click here or here to see others). These photos were taken at Père Lachaise Cemetery. And while it may seem morbid to some to go on vacation across an ocean and on a different continent and visit a cemetery full ofContinue reading “Seven Photos of Père Lachaise Cemetery”

Five Photos of Gargoyles

This is another series from my recent trip to Paris. If you’ve ever been there–or even if you haven’t–you likely recognize these as the famed gargoyles that guard Notre Dame. I kept expecting to see Quasimodo around every corner I turned… Urban Simplicity.

Nine Photos of Paris…

Okay. I’m back…and here’s a few photos of what I saw. But first I want to thank those who commented, emailed, and continued to visit my humble blog during my absence. This is been the longest stretch–nine days, I think–that I’ve gone without posting since I first began. Thus, I’m posting nine photos; one forContinue reading “Nine Photos of Paris…”

A Couple Bikes and a One-Man-Band

I took a day trip with my son to the vibrant city of Toronto. It’s a mere 100 miles / 160 kilometers from my home and a very simple drive (granting you don’t get stuck in rush hour traffic). And every time I go there I realize getting there once or twice a year isContinue reading “A Couple Bikes and a One-Man-Band”

Things You Notice When You’re Bored

Firstly I have to say that I am rarely bored…if I’m not doing something my mind still is, it is for this reason I’ll often watch a movie, simply to go on vacation from myself. With that said, yesterday was one of the infrequent times I can honestly say I became bored, but I believeContinue reading “Things You Notice When You’re Bored”