Five Photos of Gargoyles

This is another series from my recent trip to Paris. If you’ve ever been there–or even if you haven’t–you likely recognize these as the famed gargoyles that guard Notre Dame. I kept expecting to see Quasimodo around every corner I turned… Urban Simplicity.

Nine Photos of Paris…

Okay. I’m back…and here’s a few photos of what I saw. But first I want to thank those who commented, emailed, and continued to visit my humble blog during my absence. This is been the longest stretch–nine days, I think–that I’ve gone without posting since I first began. Thus, I’m posting nine photos; one forContinue reading “Nine Photos of Paris…”

Those Wacky Food and Bike Loving French

I love this photo and thought it appropriate to post it with the current Tour de France going on (is the race still going, or is it over yet?). It’s a photo of Georges Grillot and Roger Coiffier, tandem riders in the Brest–Menton race in 1930. It’s just one of the annual bike races inContinue reading “Those Wacky Food and Bike Loving French”