The view from my handlebars, or the beauty right in front of me, or a few things I saw while riding my bike today…

It’s always sort of invigorating to finish a project no matter how big or small. This morning, for example, I finished a short paper that I had to write and I thought I’d reward myself with a bike ride and take a few photos. I rode first through my neighborhood and the downtown area, thenContinue reading “The view from my handlebars, or the beauty right in front of me, or a few things I saw while riding my bike today…”

Yes, there are not enough [sic]…

I was in Amsterdam only once, and it was many years ago (egad, 25 to be exact). It was on my first and longest visit to Europe; I went with a friend with open-ended return tickets (is one still allowed to do this today?) and nothing but what we could carry on our backs. ThereContinue reading “Yes, there are not enough [sic]…”

And now for something a little different…

Okay. So you know by now that I like bicycles. A lot. I believe they are one of our most efficient machines, if not the most efficient. But, well..I don’t think I really want to leave the ground on one. Interestingly, the original plane at Kitty Hawk took flight using bicycle parts, and the WrightContinue reading “And now for something a little different…”

Five (or nine) Quotes about Bicycles

Photo Credit. “Get a bicycle.  You will certainly not regret it, if you live.”~ Mark Twain “When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.”~ H.G. Wells  “When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision andContinue reading “Five (or nine) Quotes about Bicycles”

The Holstee Manifesto via Lifecycle…

You may have seen this before (the Holstee Manifesto), or at least variations of it. Well, this is another one, this time put to video with music and bikes. While I do find the manifesto really inspiring, parts of it are not that practical (how, for example, could a single working mom quit her jobContinue reading “The Holstee Manifesto via Lifecycle…”

Winter Riding Tip…

Okay. So if you are an all-weather cyclist you likely already know this. I do have a tendency to state the obvious (or at least the known), and for that I apologize in advance. But I read somewhere years ago, and it’s something that I found out really works, is that if you lower theContinue reading “Winter Riding Tip…”

Donkey Bike…

While mindlessly flipping through web pages the other day I came across this bike. Odd looking, I thought. But practical. There’s something about it that I like. It’s called a Donkey Bike but for some reason it makes me think of my pugs…so ugly it’s attractive and lovable. Maybe that’s why I like it. Anyhow,Continue reading “Donkey Bike…”

Cargo Bikes…what’s old is new again

If you’ve been to this blog before then you likely know that I have an interest in the history of the bicycle, particularly bicycles that are built to work and carry stuff (to read more about this click here). Anyhow, after reading this excellent article today in Momentum Magazine regarding the quiet rise of theContinue reading “Cargo Bikes…what’s old is new again”


Ok, firstly…none of the above photos are from the small city in which I live (nor am I speaking of the video game with the same title as this post)…but we still have our share of traffic jams. I’ve been thinking about the amount of cars on the road a lot lately. Actually for recentContinue reading “Carmageddon!”

Lawn Surfing…or parking lot surfing, or road surfing, or…

Okay, this takes the tiny house movement to a whole new level. That’s Alexander Main in the above photo in the midst of building his bicycle RV, which he now lives in. When he parks it at night he refers to it as “lawn surfing” (nice). Here’s a picture of the finished RV below. WhileContinue reading “Lawn Surfing…or parking lot surfing, or road surfing, or…”

The View from My Handlebars, the Lunatic Behind me, and a few Thoughts on Article 34

So there I was at the corner of Allen and Franklin Streets waiting for the light to change so I could make a left hand turn. It was already balmy. I had a bucket of just-mixed raw bread dough on my front rack (pictured above), which I bake at work during the hot weather soContinue reading “The View from My Handlebars, the Lunatic Behind me, and a few Thoughts on Article 34”

L’Arrotino (The Grinder Bike)

This, I think, is really interesting. A work bicycle of yesterday being built again for today. I originally came across this at Bike Hugger, and apparently it is being built for Nella Cutlery by Winter Bicycles. I’m old enough to remember–when I was a little boy–the vegetable hucksters coming around (by truck not bike) andContinue reading “L’Arrotino (The Grinder Bike)”

A View from My Handlebars (five photos of Delaware Park)

Yesterday, after rushing around a hot kitchen and facing a stove for much of the day, I was happy to have the evening off with such wonderful weather. I was on the Mundo and  had to run a few errands so I took a shortcut (read, long-cut) through Delaware Park to make the ride aContinue reading “A View from My Handlebars (five photos of Delaware Park)”

Food for Thought (a pro-bike post)

I found these images at various locations with a simple Google search. As many of you know I’ve been car-lite for years and am recently car-free. It’s interesting that I’ve been without a car for nearly two months and I barely notice it (this winter will be the true test). And I realize that ifContinue reading “Food for Thought (a pro-bike post)”

An Army of One..a really little one

I generally do not post things on this blog related to politics or the military (other than my posts regarding military bicycles), it’s just not what I want this blog to be about. But when I came across this photo today I couldn’t help myself (I found it at A Taste for Social Media). HasContinue reading “An Army of One..a really little one”

Now This is Interesting (a brief story)

Most who visit this blog know that I like bikes…a lot. I ride mainly for transportation, but also because I enjoy it. And some also know that I am not entirely car-free, but car-lite (I own one small late model pick up truck and a small fleet of bikes). Sometimes it seems silly that IContinue reading “Now This is Interesting (a brief story)”

Sometimes it’s the Little Things…

Here’s a brief story to explain this picture. At least six months ago a co-worker gave me two reflective dog collars knowing I had two dogs. Though it was a nice gesture I am still uncertain as to why she gave them to me. They were too small for the dogs so I put themContinue reading “Sometimes it’s the Little Things…”