Something Interesting…and a bit ironic

Okay, so you may be asking yourself why I–on this blog–would have an image promoting the American Automobile Association (AAA). Well, to answer that I have to tell you a brief story. If you’ve been to this blog before you likely know that last year I voluntarily gave up car ownership. Not a big deal;Continue reading “Something Interesting…and a bit ironic”


Ok, firstly…none of the above photos are from the small city in which I live (nor am I speaking of the video game with the same title as this post)…but we still have our share of traffic jams. I’ve been thinking about the amount of cars on the road a lot lately. Actually for recentContinue reading “Carmageddon!”

Be Nice on Your Bike, even if…

I came across this graphic here. I find it really interesting because while I sit at this keyboard and type away talking about being nice I also take it really personal when someone yells something to me from their car window while I’m on a bike…it immediately sends my blood pressure through the roof. ItContinue reading “Be Nice on Your Bike, even if…”

The Tao of Calvin

First off, I don’t necessarily agree with everything the dad in this cartoon says–at least not to the extreme–because I still own a gas-powered vehicle, but I don’t use it that often. Tonight was the first time I used my truck in more than two weeks (emergency school supply run for my teenage son). IContinue reading “The Tao of Calvin”

Bicyclists Behaving Badly (and my improper response)

Image found here. Before I begin I have to state a few things in the event you’ve not read this before on this blog. Firstly, while I am a bicycle advocate I am by no means car-free but I am car-lite; sometimes more lite than others…and during the summer months I am nearly car-free. TodayContinue reading “Bicyclists Behaving Badly (and my improper response)”

5 Quotes about Peak Oil, 4 Views from the Parking Lot, and 1 Quote about Bicycles

“There are few problems which have greater potential to quickly unsettle the North American public and strain essential services than suddenly being denied access to fuel.” — Rick Munroe, from his article, “Fuel Emergency” “Here in the United States we’re now consuming about three gallons of petroleum per person per day. That’s twenty pounds ofContinue reading “5 Quotes about Peak Oil, 4 Views from the Parking Lot, and 1 Quote about Bicycles”