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Ok, firstly…none of the above photos are from the small city in which I live (nor am I speaking of the video game with the same title as this post)…but we still have our share of traffic jams. I’ve been thinking about the amount of cars on the road a lot lately. Actually for recent years, but specifically in the last few months. There are so many angry drivers on the road and I can’t help but think it is simply because there are way too many cars in use. Think about it (if you are of a certain age)…when I was a kid families had a car…one single car. Some didn’t own any. My parents didn’t get a car until they were in their forties, when I was a mere lad of 12. We lived in the city and walked or took public transport. But today every person in a household who is above driving age seems to “need” their own car. How often, for example, do you see cars that are carrying more than the driver (and maybe one passenger)…not very often. I don’t anyway. Anyhow, this is what I was thinking about as I was on a bike at a busy intersection tonight watching all the cars pass by with only the driver in them, and then one of them honked at me to get off the road. But the best part was that it was raining lightly and I was content to straddle my bike in the drizzle and wait for the light to change (it has not rained in so long that it felt really good)…and then I was honked at. Sorry for the brief rant; I’ll get off my little soapbox now. If you find this topic interesting you may be interested in these articles: here, here, or here.

Urban Simplicity.

A View From my Handlebars

Buffalo, the city in which I was born and currently reside, is not a large city (we rank 70 out of 275 in the size of American cities, according to this page), but it’s a lovely city and a great place to live and work. But we still have traffic jams and rush hour, not like those you may find in mega-cities, but nonetheless, they still occur. This is an image I took while on Allen Street this evening on my way to the health club. It’s a narrow street and sometimes busy but not usually this busy, but it was just after 5pm. What a beautiful day it was/is…look at that sky. And after spending the day facing a hot stove and  as I stood straddling my bike waiting for the traffic light to change I felt so lucky–blessed actually–to be on a bike and not trapped in a car on such a beautiful evening. I’m just saying…

Urban Simplicity.