Cargo Bikes…what’s old is new again

If you’ve been to this blog before then you likely know that I have an interest in the history of the bicycle, particularly bicycles that are built to work and carry stuff (to read more about this click here). Anyhow, after reading this excellent article today in Momentum Magazine regarding the quiet rise of theContinue reading “Cargo Bikes…what’s old is new again”

The Amazing Journey of Chen Guanming

 Photo copied from this location. This story, I believe, is truly inspiring on many levels. That’s Chen Guanming pictured above, who says that he has traveled more than 60,000km/40,000miles in the past 2 years–traversing 16 countries–from his homeland China to London to see the Olympics…and doing it all on his large cargo trike. What’s more,Continue reading “The Amazing Journey of Chen Guanming”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#445)

A small cardboard box containing $58.00 in sundries and other staples. A canvas bag containing a book, a journal, and a camera, a cardboard box containing a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor’s, and a 4lb. bag of dog food. Urban Simplicity.

Increased Capacity

If you’ve been to this blog before you know that I ride a bike as often as I can, not great distances or in races but for my everyday transportation around town…and I also like to carry stuff on my bikes, whatever stuff a person would normally carry in their car. Besides my cargo bikeContinue reading “Increased Capacity”

More Interesting Bikes

I came across these bikes on east 10th Street last evening while looking for the former residence of Kahlil Gibran (more on that in a later post). For those of you reading this that happen to live in a large metropolis (or a small one that is “bicycle progressive”) seeing bikes like this parked curbsideContinue reading “More Interesting Bikes”

Cargo Trikes of Shanghai

Photo Credit: Alain Delorme I came across these photos recently at The Daily Beast. They are photographs of cargo trikes in Shanghai by photographer Alain Delorme. Incredible, right? They are so crisp they almost look like paintings. You can see 6 or 7 others by the same photographer at this site. After I saw theseContinue reading “Cargo Trikes of Shanghai”