One Last Ride…

If you’ve visited this blog before then you know my interest in bicycles as not just a vehicle from which to get from point A to point B (though for this they are extremely useful) but also as human powered machines that do things. I’ve of course showed all sorts of things that can beContinue reading “One Last Ride…”

Cargo Trikes of Shanghai

Photo Credit: Alain Delorme I came across these photos recently at The Daily Beast. They are photographs of cargo trikes in Shanghai by photographer Alain Delorme. Incredible, right? They are so crisp they almost look like paintings. You can see 6 or 7 others by the same photographer at this site. After I saw theseContinue reading “Cargo Trikes of Shanghai”

Tattooed Mike and his Boom Box Trike (and why I love this neighborhood)

This past weekend was the Allentown Art Festival and the Allen West Festival here in Buffalo. If you’ve never visited our city, Allentown (click here and here) is a small village within a medium sized city (but getting smaller). I’ve heard people use the analogy that Allentown is our version of Greenwich Village, but IContinue reading “Tattooed Mike and his Boom Box Trike (and why I love this neighborhood)”

The Past or the Future

Now is this cool or what? These photos were taken in 1930 (found them here and here). Living in a four-season region I am often concerned about the weather (especially rain)…this would solve that problem. As the price of petrol eventually becomes too costly for the average person maybe we’ll begin to see vehicles likeContinue reading “The Past or the Future”

Restaurant on a Bike

Is it just me or is this really cool? I can’t remember where I found this image but I just came across it on my hard drive and thought I’d pass it along. Just another example of the usefulness of bikes. In the past I’ve posted on the taco bike, but that looks like aContinue reading “Restaurant on a Bike”

Human Powered Pickup Truck

Now this is really cool…I came across it at Cargo Bike Gallery. It reminds me of images I’ve seen of Chinese cargo trikes. And at about $3000 (U.S.) it seems like a pretty good machine. It seems perfect for a person with a small business (that didn’t have to travel far). It’s made by MainContinue reading “Human Powered Pickup Truck”

Manufactured Totems

Alain Delmorme A few days ago a reader sent me a link to to this blog with images of these incredible feats of  human and mobile engineering (thanks Jeff!). They are part of a series titled Manufactured Totems by Alain Delorme. Beautiful and incredible at the same time. I particularly like the above image ofContinue reading “Manufactured Totems”

The Trike is on the Road Again

You may have read my post about the recently sold trike…it’s a good machine but definitely needed some TLC. The new owners are Andreea and Jason. When I sold it I asked them if they would send a photo or two of the trike when it was refurbished. Well the trike made a speedy recoveryContinue reading “The Trike is on the Road Again”

Winter and Spicy Stew

Well, Buffalo’s climate is once again living up to its reputation. We got pelted with something like a foot of snow today (judging by the news, so did much of the rest of the northeast). I was out driving in it today (yes, I do use a vehicle now and again) and at points itContinue reading “Winter and Spicy Stew”