The day after…

As I type these words the pot of turkey broth that is pictured above is simmering on the stove permeating the entire house with delicious aroma. If your like me you enjoy leftovers as much as the Thanksgiving meal itself (well, ok, maybe not quite as much, but almost). Anyhow, here’s a few recipes whichContinue reading “The day after…”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#416 & #417), a Brief Story Behind it, and a Simple Recipe

#416 (first photo above)…a canvas bag containing a few books; a double plastic bag containing a cooked turkey carcass, and a few vegetables for mirepoix. #417 (second photo above)…a cardboard box containing 18 pint contains full of still-warm turkey broth. Okay, so here’s the deal. Nearly every year, after our Thanksgiving feast at one ofContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#416 & #417), a Brief Story Behind it, and a Simple Recipe”

Winter and Spicy Stew

Well, Buffalo’s climate is once again living up to its reputation. We got pelted with something like a foot of snow today (judging by the news, so did much of the rest of the northeast). I was out driving in it today (yes, I do use a vehicle now and again) and at points itContinue reading “Winter and Spicy Stew”

Autumnal Food and My First Snowy Ride on the Mundo

Bread For Thanksgiving Dinner I am truly blessed in that I have three lovely sisters who give me the day off on Thanksgiving. The only things that I am required to do are bring freshly baked bread and carve the bird. I know that my younger sister likes roast red pepper bread, so I usuallyContinue reading “Autumnal Food and My First Snowy Ride on the Mundo”