Crispy Tandoori Tofu!

I’ve posted a recipe for this tofu–or at least a variation of it–in the past but I made it for staff lunch today and thought I’d re-post it because it is so easy and delicious to make. Sometimes I eat it as a salad component but today I ate it on a sandwich with toumContinue reading “Crispy Tandoori Tofu!”

Two delicious but unrelated recipes…

At some point I’m pretty sure I’ve posted both of these recipes in the past, but not in quite some time. Anyhow, I had to make these yesterday at work for two separate events and thought I’d re-post them. What’s interesting, I thought, is that while neither of these recipes are remotely related to oneContinue reading “Two delicious but unrelated recipes…”

The Anatomy of a Healthy but Really Delicious Pizza…

Okay. So this pizza was delicious. I say “was” and not “is” because I ate more than half of it for dinner and I’ll likely eat the rest before the night is out. Anyhow, this post is more about the crust than what is on it (because you can really put whatever you like onContinue reading “The Anatomy of a Healthy but Really Delicious Pizza…”

On Cooking for One’s Self…

That’s Maxwell and Franklin above staring at me while I cook my dinner. By the look in their eyes you’d think that I never feed them…but they just finished eating their dinner. So what do they have to do with cooking for One’s Self? Well, not much on the one hand, but on the other,Continue reading “On Cooking for One’s Self…”


Pesto is similar to sofrito in that it is both an ingredient and a stand-alone recipe. It can be eaten as is–as a dip or spread–or added to recipes as a flavor enhancer. The word loosely translates from the Italian as “pounded,” because this was originally made with a mortar and pestle. But with theContinue reading “Pesto!”


This is a simple but classic dish. Make this at home in minutes and save lots of money from what you’d pay in a restaurant (but then you have to wash the pans and dishes). Anyhow, this is really simple and truly flavorful. If you’ve never made this recipe before I hope you give itContinue reading “Scampi!”

Three Loaves and a Pie…

I haven’t posted this recipe in a while and I made it this morning so I thought I’d re-post it (as it is one of my favorites). It’s my basic whole wheat bread recipe with the addition of oats…delicious and nutritious. And is often the case, after the first rise of the dough (before IContinue reading “Three Loaves and a Pie…”

No recipe needed…

One of my food purveyors delivered a case of peaches today from which these two come. Perfect, I thought (or likely said aloud) as I opened the case. I took one and bit in and sweet nectar ran down my chin. In some instances, such as this, I also thought to myself, I could notContinue reading “No recipe needed…”

These Are Lip Smackin’ Good…no joke

  Okay, so these may not be the healthiest thing I’ve posted on this blog, but geeze o’ man are they delicious. Boneless chicken tenders marinated in buttermilk and spices, then breaded with oatmeal and pan-fried (and yes, before you ask, these can be baked instead of pan-fried but they would loose some of their crispiness).Continue reading “These Are Lip Smackin’ Good…no joke”

The Mother Loaf…

Ezekiel Bread; a meal in itself. I’ve posted this recipe a few times prior, but not in quite a while. It is my favorite bread (to eat and to make) and in fact is still the #1 reason people visit this blog. More than 500 people find their way to my little page each dayContinue reading “The Mother Loaf…”

New Orleans Red Beans-and Rice Burgers

These are a variation of a few different vegetarian/bean burgers I’ve made and posted somewhat recently, and a play on the classic New Orleans red beans-and-rice recipe. While this recipe is equally delicious it is a bit more labor intensive than my other vegetarian burger recipes (but not really) in that you have to cookContinue reading “New Orleans Red Beans-and Rice Burgers”

The Spice is Right (two super flavorful and delicious recipes)…

Spices really are amazing aren’t they? Not only are some used for food preservation and medicinal purposes (not to mention preventative medicine) they also make even the blandest foods taste really incredible; these recipes are two examples of this. And both of these recipes, while delicious hot from the oven or skillet, are equally deliciousContinue reading “The Spice is Right (two super flavorful and delicious recipes)…”

Chicken-less Fingers…

Okay. So these are really good. These are a play on chicken fingers which of course are a knock off of chicken wings. In my continued effort to eat less meat I made these today as an alternative to the chicken fingers I cooked for staff lunch at work. And rather than tossing them inContinue reading “Chicken-less Fingers…”

Thoughts on the Perfect Pear, and another quick note

I had this with dinner  this evening. Perfect. Just right. But I’m also fully aware that it is likely from last fall, seeing it is not in season at present. I ate it with a large chopped salad dressed simply with virgin olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, and course sea salt. It was truly delicious.Continue reading “Thoughts on the Perfect Pear, and another quick note”

This is way more fun than cutting a lawn…

It has been more than ten years since I tore up my teeny front lawn and planted a teeny vegetable garden which yields big results. And over the years it–the garden–has spread to other areas around the house; the side and rear, mainly. But this year–because of various reasons–I have only planted the front yardContinue reading “This is way more fun than cutting a lawn…”

Moules Marinière!

I’ve posted this recipe before but not in a while. It is really delicious and so easy to make…quite literally put everything in a pot and place it over a fire. Anyhow, I made a large pot of these at work this evening (a scoop of them is pictured straight from the pot) and thoughtContinue reading “Moules Marinière!”

Kibbet Batata with Broccoli Cheddar Hashwa and Lentil Salsah

This is a contemporary version (fusion?) of traditional Lebanese kibbeh (pie or patties made with meat or vegetables and bulgar wheat). Most often this is made with meat (and sometimes eaten raw), but there are plenty of vegetarian versions out there as well, and this is just one of them. The vegetable recipes are usuallyContinue reading “Kibbet Batata with Broccoli Cheddar Hashwa and Lentil Salsah”

Fourteen Bean, Grain, and Legume Bread (a meal in every slice)

I’ve posted this recipe some time ago but it is so easy to make and so delicious that I thought I would re-post it. This is really a variation of my Ezekiel Bread recipe (click here or here) but somewhat simplified in that you boil the beans all at once rather than in stages. AndContinue reading “Fourteen Bean, Grain, and Legume Bread (a meal in every slice)”

Black Bean Cheddar Burgers (Yum!)

Yes these are as good as they look, and of course they are easy to make also. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own meatless burger this is a good one to try. And also, as usual, this recipe is simply a guide. Change the beans, seasonings, etc., to suite your person liking. AndContinue reading “Black Bean Cheddar Burgers (Yum!)”

Farfalline with Asparagus, Tomatoes, Chicken Broth, Saffron, Garlic Confit, and Fontinella

This is a continuation of a previous post regarding garlic confit…here’s an example of a recipe in which I used it. I made this for staff lunch at work yesterday. At first glance this may look complicated but it is really very simple…and really delicious. Other than the chicken broth this recipe is meatless butContinue reading “Farfalline with Asparagus, Tomatoes, Chicken Broth, Saffron, Garlic Confit, and Fontinella”